Exploits of E-commerce and forgotten responsibilities

In less than five years, at least 10 e-commerce organisations entered the market offering unbelievably high discounts. The reckless and aggressive business model of these companies, including Evaly, has adversely affected the e-commerce equilibrium. Does advertising and celebrity endorsement influence our consumption behaviour? If we search the internet, we will find ample research that will... Continue Reading →

A victim of an ugly conspiracy?

On September 27, a Narayanganj lower court accepted the bribery charges pressed against Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, the headmaster of Piyar Sattar Latif High School. In August last year, the high court rejected a police probe report and ordered judicial inquiry into the public humiliation Bhakta had been subjected to on May 13, 2017. The judicial... Continue Reading →

The law of lawlessness

With two recent deaths of suspected militants in crossfire, and 11,312 arrests in less than a week, the law enforcing agencies seem to have turned a blind eye to the Appellate Division's directive on Section 54 and 167 that upheld a 2003 judgment of the High Court (HC) on Sections 54 and 167 of the... Continue Reading →

‘Quality education, jobs Bangladesh’s key priorities’ – a chit chat with Nobel Laureate Finn Kydland

Bangladesh needs to encourage the youth by undertaking initiatives to promote entrepreneurs and ensure their participation in the development process, says Finn Kydland, Nobel Laureate economist and professor of economics at the University of California. He strongly feels that the government of Bangladesh has to ensure proper and quality education and jobs for the younger generation. “They... Continue Reading →

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