For Whom the Bell Tolls

Understanding the Digital Security Act Bidyanondo Foundation has become quite a household name in recent days. Their dedicated service to humanity in these difficult times of Covid-19 has brought them under the limelight. But the organisation and its founding chairman have also become the target of vicious hate crime and racist attacks in social media.... Continue Reading →

Muzzle me not, no impunity

Each year journalists, news media and supporters of free and independent journalism across the world celebrate November 2 as a red-letter day for journalism. The UN General Assembly declared this day as the “International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists” in General Assembly Resolution A/RES/68/163. It urged the member states to adopt and... Continue Reading →

How far can the rights of the aggrieved extend?

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did a commendable job when she asked the administration and her party leaders to inquire into the curious case of Gazi Tariq Salman, the now-famed Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) of Barguna. Soon after her reaction was made public, both the administration and Awami League leaders acted promptly, which ultimately led to... Continue Reading →

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