Undoing the damage

Carbon mitigation is something that the world is now running after. We, humans, have caused irreversible damage to Mother Earth by emitting carbon into the air that is making the world a warmer place. Can we undo this? Human behaviour is something that takes decades or even more to change or adapt to new behaviour.... Continue Reading →

Feeling the heat

“Drink whatever you can and remain hydrated.” With these words, the US Ambassador in Dhaka greeted me at a reception in his residence. Soon after I landed in Phoenix on the first day of August, I realized how true his words were. A larger number of people were either carrying water flasks or had just... Continue Reading →

A blueprint for adapting to climate change

How the upgraded project aims for long-term solutions Climate change is an ongoing global phenomenon that has and will bring about significant changes in the ways through which environmental systems, and subsequently the ways of life for human beings, function. As time goes on, changes in various environmental variables, both on a global and local... Continue Reading →

An eye on our most vulnerable

Nature-based solutions, climate-resilient agriculture, and financial intervention can pave the way of climate change adaptation in haor regions Haors (large bowl-shaped depressions and seasonal wetlands) have become a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh these days, thanks to social media being flooded with refreshing and beautiful photographs, videos, and travel blogs describing the beauty of the... Continue Reading →

Climate change adaptation and gender dynamics

Monowara (30) had just returned home after fetching drinking water from a pond located almost one kilometre away from her home. Her immediate rush was to reach her five-month-old newborn son Nazmul as he was suffering from diarrhoea -- the newborn was crying out of misery. Lack of access to safe drinking water and salinity... Continue Reading →

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