An eye on our most vulnerable

Nature-based solutions, climate-resilient agriculture, and financial intervention can pave the way of climate change adaptation in haor regions Haors (large bowl-shaped depressions and seasonal wetlands) have become a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh these days, thanks to social media being flooded with refreshing and beautiful photographs, videos, and travel blogs describing the beauty of the... Continue Reading →

Communicating right can save lives

The unthinkable happened in Europe in 2021 -- nearly 200 people died of flash floods that wreaked havoc in Germany and Belgium. Other countries, like the Netherlands and Luxembourg were also severely hit, but managed to avoid the loss of human lives. Members of the Bundeswehr forces, surrounded by partially submerged cars, wade through the... Continue Reading →

Exploits of E-commerce and forgotten responsibilities

In less than five years, at least 10 e-commerce organisations entered the market offering unbelievably high discounts. The reckless and aggressive business model of these companies, including Evaly, has adversely affected the e-commerce equilibrium. Does advertising and celebrity endorsement influence our consumption behaviour? If we search the internet, we will find ample research that will... Continue Reading →

Will the news media survive in the post-Covid-19 era?

As elsewhere in the world, the news media is also struggling to survive in Bangladesh. But the scenario is somewhat different from that of the developed democracies. In the developed democracies the news media enjoys absolute freedom and almost no interference from the government. It also enjoys constitutional and legal protection (First Amendment in the... Continue Reading →

How about some ethical standards?

We are far from having accountable and transparent institutions that protect every citizen The unnatural death of a young woman in a flat in Gulshan has once again sparked many questions that we have been facing for many years -- some are related to the age-old patriarchal mindset and norms while some are related to... Continue Reading →

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