Feeling the heat

“Drink whatever you can and remain hydrated.” With these words, the US Ambassador in Dhaka greeted me at a reception in his residence. Soon after I landed in Phoenix on the first day of August, I realized how true his words were. A larger number of people were either carrying water flasks or had just... Continue Reading →

Sorrows of salinity at Dakope

Five-month-old Nazmul was crying continuously and his mother Monowara (30) was trying to calm him down. She said her baby boy had been suffering from diarrhoea for two days. Apart from breastfeeding, she was now feeding him rice saline for recovery. Being poor, it was not possible for her to take him to a doctor... Continue Reading →

A victim of an ugly conspiracy?

On September 27, a Narayanganj lower court accepted the bribery charges pressed against Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, the headmaster of Piyar Sattar Latif High School. In August last year, the high court rejected a police probe report and ordered judicial inquiry into the public humiliation Bhakta had been subjected to on May 13, 2017. The judicial... Continue Reading →

Let the press do its job

As a communication for development professional, I have always had an interest in press freedom and freedom of expression. While surfing the internet recently, I made an amazing discovery: the Department of Films and Publications (DFP) in its website boasted to have documented the historic March 7 speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. This courageous... Continue Reading →

The Lady of Justice

My rudimentary knowledge on ancient history dates back to 1997 when having no other choice, I got enrolled in the history department of a public university. My first year there started with ancient history and at one point our course teacher mentioned Themis. Her description was pretty interesting as she was depicted as a symbol... Continue Reading →

GDP or Happiness?

Imagine a world where you earn a decent living, the state treats you with fairness, there is little carbon emission in the environment, and on top of everything else, the society values your opinion. Who wouldn't want to live in such a utopian world? There is hardly any country in the world that takes into... Continue Reading →

Above the law, again

Let us go back to what happened earlier. On 26 April 2010, the cabinet members, in a meeting, agreed to bring amendment to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Act 2004. They agreed to introduce a new clause that would make it mandatory to seek the government’s approval before filing any case against any government official. In... Continue Reading →

Nod to black money but for whom

Black is defined as non-existence of colour while white is the opposite, combination of all colours. So, psychologically, white is supposed to be more desirable than black. But this is not happening at all. Black appears all the more desirable — black diamond, black market, black magic and the list goes longer. Soon after his appointment... Continue Reading →

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