For Whom the Bell Tolls

Understanding the Digital Security Act Bidyanondo Foundation has become quite a household name in recent days. Their dedicated service to humanity in these difficult times of Covid-19 has brought them under the limelight. But the organisation and its founding chairman have also become the target of vicious hate crime and racist attacks in social media.... Continue Reading →

Our public health care system is failing us

Every state in the world, whether democratic or authoritarian, has some guiding principles to run its affairs -- we call it a constitution. To make it effective, these guiding principles are backed by certain laws, rules, procedures, institutions, and people who lead them. Likewise, Bangladesh has her constitution of 1972. Article 15 of the constitution... Continue Reading →

Localised Digital Service Tax: Points to ponder

Global trade is being disrupted by the tax disputes over technology giants who mostly operate from Silicon Valley. According to 2019 statistics by, six out of the 10 largest companies in the world by market value were technology companies. No wonder that technology giants like YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba are causing disruption to... Continue Reading →

Taxing the technology giants

There is little doubt that technology will drive everything in the coming days. The developed world is witnessing an artificial intelligence-driven transformation of technology, earlier than us—but we are also embracing it. Technology and technological innovation such as artificial intelligence in particular, is so invincible that tech giants are taking over everything. They just create... Continue Reading →

Water Poverty of Kurigram

Shamsul Alam (55) is a tea stall worker and heads a family of 7 members. He entirely depends on tube well water for drinking purpose. His wife, daughter and daughter in law collect drinking water from a nearby tube well and drink it directly. He considers this safe. He has no understanding of whether this... Continue Reading →

The world at present is encountering remarkable challenges in promoting governance, democracy, transparency, press freedom and economic development. For sustainable development, good governance is a must for any nation. Media is an important source of information and it plays a critically important role in shaping a healthy democracy and bolster good governance. But there is... Continue Reading →

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