DSA and the quest for an obliged press

The use of the Digital Security Act (DSA) to target journalists in Bangladesh is deeply concerning and goes against the principles of free journalism and freedom of expression. A free and independent press is essential for any democratic society, and journalists must be allowed to report on issues of public interest without fear of retaliation... Continue Reading →

The press must make itself relevant

Despite the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bangladesh witnessed magical growth in per capita income, which rose from $2,591 in 2020-21 to $2,824 in 2021-22. She also outshined India in 2020 in terms of GDP per capita in the current $1961.6. While the country did exceptionally well in these indicators, it performed very poorly in... Continue Reading →

How about some ethical standards?

We are far from having accountable and transparent institutions that protect every citizen The unnatural death of a young woman in a flat in Gulshan has once again sparked many questions that we have been facing for many years -- some are related to the age-old patriarchal mindset and norms while some are related to... Continue Reading →

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