Exploits of E-commerce and forgotten responsibilities

In less than five years, at least 10 e-commerce organisations entered the market offering unbelievably high discounts. The reckless and aggressive business model of these companies, including Evaly, has adversely affected the e-commerce equilibrium. Does advertising and celebrity endorsement influence our consumption behaviour? If we search the internet, we will find ample research that will... Continue Reading →

How about some ethical standards?

We are far from having accountable and transparent institutions that protect every citizen The unnatural death of a young woman in a flat in Gulshan has once again sparked many questions that we have been facing for many years -- some are related to the age-old patriarchal mindset and norms while some are related to... Continue Reading →

How to get away with murder

Killing the truth has never been an easy task, yet people in society tend to kill it for their own good by shunning the greater interest of the society. When they cannot kill the truth, the individual or group makes every attempt to assassinate the character of the individual who holds the truth. A deplorable... Continue Reading →

Our public health care system is failing us

Every state in the world, whether democratic or authoritarian, has some guiding principles to run its affairs -- we call it a constitution. To make it effective, these guiding principles are backed by certain laws, rules, procedures, institutions, and people who lead them. Likewise, Bangladesh has her constitution of 1972. Article 15 of the constitution... Continue Reading →

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