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Mohammad Iqbal

Scientists have only recently unravelled the structure of the Sun and discovered what goes on inside it. Before that, nobody knew how the Sun obtained its energy or how it emitted heat and light. The way that such a giant mass of energy would one day consume all its energy and expire was revealed 1400 years ago in the Qur’an shows the presence of a sublime knowledge. That knowledge belongs to our Lord, Whose knowledge enfolds all things. Another verse of the Qur’an reveals: … My Lord encompasses all things in His knowledge so will you not pay heed? (Surat… Read more »


যা সত্যি ইসলামের নবী মুহাম্মদ (সাঃ) তার ভিন্ন বানিয়ে কিছু তার জীবনে বলেন না। আমি নিসছিত তুমি তা এক সময় উপলব্ধি করতে পারবে এবং আবারও হেদায়েত লাভ করবে।